Myofascial Release – Expert Body Work

A fundamental lightening of the physical stress depends on the vertical alignment of the gravity centers of all the major blocks weight (head, chest, pelvis).

Subsequently this type of alignment can only follow a balanced readjustment of the restrictions regarding the myofascial tensions.
The emphasis here is to ease the downward thrust, the destructive effect of gravity and thus, decrease the amount of disorganization of the system..
At this point, as soon as the negative model disappears, it emerges a new effect. The contact and the pressures of the Myofascial Release techniques stimulate the awakening of the vital resources that each person carries within himself and in which the body can finally draw for self-healing, self-repair: the vocational training to this technique is open to all practitioners of body therapies, naturopaths, beauticians, physiotherapists and sessions are recommended to any age, there is no manipulative risk since it is a sweet and fluidic practice.
Simple energy releases carried out on the couch of massage, become a practice for the prevention or treatment for acute disorders of backache, headache or torticollis, it is effective against chronic disorders of insomnia, colitis, menstrual problems, water retention, constipation and in general for problems of psychosomatic origin, which states anxiety, emotional blocks, phobias.

The methodology comes from the teachings of Shizuto Masunaga and the studies of William Fitzgerald ,John Thie and Randolph Stone.
The state of health will be reactivated by light energy launchings and stretching of the main circuits of energy.

The didactics of this professional course is divided in 3 modules of 14 hours each.



The first module will be dedicated to under diaphragmatic chains, lumbar muscle lower limbs and pelvic balance releases.

The second module provides above diaphragmatic, muscular chains upper limbs releases .

The third module provides back trapezoid-cervical and respiratory releases.


Teacher Fabio Rizzo

Osteopath , Kinesiologist, naturopath, Massofisioterapist, he specialized in Cranium-Sacral Ostheofluidic therapy in Montpellier and in Toulon. Has carried out a detailed study on the Primary Respiratory Movement(MRP) and facial muscle tensions. As Reflexologist, he teaches bodily techniques in various professional schools in Italy. In his seminars, he introduces to Cranio-sacral Osteofluidic Therapy, Global Energy Harmonization, Bio-Logic Manual rebalancing and other different holistic methods of Energy Self- rebalancing of the body. Specialized Media including Mediaset Vivere Meglio, Les nouvelles Estetiques Italy, D insert of La Repubblica , Silhouette, La Stampa, Viversani&Belli and others, are interested in his work. for infomation about him click here.



Seat of the seminar Myofascial Release

Parma Via Emilia Est 140 – Rizzo Practice-
Entry Fee entire euro 900.00 inc vat
Entry Fee review students 50% euro 450.00 inc vat
Info and contacts +39 3483044609
To register for the seminar, you must pour the share
To participate via bank transfer to the following bank account:
Association Global Salus IBAN: IT21J0693012720000000002196
CAUSAL: Participation Seminar Parma – myofascial Release.
Send acknowledgment of receipt of payment to fax n. +39 0521815.622
Or by e-mail to the following address:


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